Dead Man’s Doubloons

By June 14, 2017 June 15th, 2017 Projects

This is one of the projects that I was happy to create from the start to the end. Pirate theme with slightly more cartoony approach and some twists here and there was really awesome to make. Also Thundergryph team was great to work with.


To start everything I wanted to show you how logo is looking right now and few other examples that were made on the way.


The most important thing is the cover for the Tabletop game. this is why we have took more time and wanted to capture what is essential to the game itself.


The core of the game are the characters that players take as their heroes. This project based loosely each captain that is available on existing in our world legends. Maybe beside parrot – this was original.


The whole game happens around the board that shows an island. Ships are swimming around it, and on the center captains are racing for the treasure throught dangerous island.


The last thing that I was happy to create was the cards. For the captain mats it was a small challenge as there were a lot of informations that needed to be shown to be able to play a proper game and understand situation.



If you are interested in a small animated short that I have created and Kickstarter campaing please check the link below.

kickstarter page  thundergryph